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Lease Option

A contract that allows you to buy a home after your lease term ends.

Real Estate

Lease-options are usually done during a slow real estate market.


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Lease Option

New solution for real estate industry

Lease option is generally known as a lease with the option to purchase. In other words, the buyers pay for an option that grants them the right to purchase the property at an established price within a certain time frame, usually three to five years. The option money is not refundable. Lease option is different with lease purchase. Lease purchase binds both seller and buyer to the sale while the buyer has the right but no obligation to buy the property in a lease option.

Lease first instead of buy

Low entry

Option Holder does not require immediate 10% down payment on interested property.

No require bank approval

Option Holder can proceed to pay the loan repayment of the property prior purchase.

Direct approach to seller and buyer

Option Holder can become the potential buyer for your property.

Easy to own your dream house.

No limitation on owning your dream house with all the terms and conditions by the current end financier.